Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Hilton Should Have Been a District Court Judge

The dog and pony show splattered all over every cable news outlet and info website regarding poor Paris Hilton has reached its zenith. I feel for the girl considering the fact that all her fame and money couldn't win her freedom. Although her alleged mental illness almost did. Who knew she was such a kook?

What she needed is a seat on the bench and the smooth touch of McAllen's own criminal defense specialist, Al Alvarez. Mr. Alvarez was yet again successful at getting evading arrest charges against 93rd District Court Judge Rudy Delagado dismissed. This time the culprit was prosecutors acting badly. Rene Guerra, the head culprit, said that the appeal is on and on and on...

When will this case ever end? We are growing weary of it. We get the point. We know that the fix is in and that money and power in Hidalgo County can get you what you want. We the people can have the last say in this case, however. Delgado will be up for election soon, but as far as anyone knows, there isn't an opponent in sight. Sadly, and in true Hidalgo County fashion, he will probably be re-elected.