Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Solemn Observation

After all you've been through,it's come to this. You stood by him, arrest after arrest, and after all he put you and your child through. At some point you said enough was enough and unlike most abused women, you made it out, but now, for some reason you've been drawn back in.

You're situation is not unique. We've heard the same lame excuses before.

He abused me physically, but he never really hurt me. I probably deserved it anyway.

He abused me verbally, but he was just upset. I probably deserved it anyway.

He abused me emotionally, but he's just hot tempered. I probably deserved it anyway.

He cheated on me, but it was a one time thing. Oh, and never with a 15 year old. And yeah, I probably deserved it anyway.

He. . .but. . .I probably deserved it anyway.

. . .It's okay though, he always says he's sorry and he's a really good father.

What will you say if the DNA evidence says it was a 15 year old? What line of manipulative bull will he feed you to convince you otherwise? What excuse will you make for him then?

What will you tell your daughter in twenty years or so when she's in the same type of relationship and comes to you for help?

I wish you well young lady and remember that you are never alone. There's help out there for you if you want it, but you have to step up and go get it. For you or anyone else who needs it, there's a place that can help. They accept donations too!

Mujeres Unidas
420 N. 21st
McAllen, TX