Monday, August 28, 2006

Coyote Fever. 99.1 and Rising

I hope someone out there will join me in congratulating the Coyotes on their advancement to the ULB, (or is it UBL?) championship series. I attended both home playoff games against Laredo and I must say that they were the most entertaining games I've seen this year. Maybe it's the fact that the Coyotes had to do or die that upped the drama. It could have been the come from behind 10th inning victory or the out hit-out score affair on Monday night. Or was it the beer?

I admit that I was a Roadrunner fan and that I was disappointed to see that organization dismantled. But, being a baseball fan, I gave the Coyotes a chance and up to this point, I am satisfied with the results. I've seen a lot of the old Roadrunner supporters out there, but it still seems a little strange rooting for them.

Edinburgundians are very loyal to their sports teams and are leery of the unknown or anything new. Can anyone remember how Edinburg North High School was treated in the early years? This was (is) Bobcat country and the birth of the Cougars fractured families and frazzled friendships.

Despite some of the snags, the 'Yote management got the hang of things. I got a kick out of watching the twenty three different incarnations of the "pop the water balloon with your head" thing. And how many Energy Team chicks did we go through this year? I recall seeing about fifteen of them at the start of the season. They actually looked, and danced, like dancers. By the time last night rolled around there were only four of them out there. No offense, but those girls looked more like they were the four lowest vote getters in the, "who's the ugliest concessionaire," contest.

I'll be pulling for the Coyotes this weekend and if there are any of you old Roadrunner diehards out there who might still be jaded, come check it out. It's baseball. It's fun. And it's here in Edinburg.

Friday, August 11, 2006

What the...?

I know Edinburg is growing at a hypersonic speed, but this is ridiculous. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

For those of you who do not recognize this marvel of suburban progress, this is the scene at the intersection of Freddy Gonzalez Drive and Mon Mack Road here in the three time All America City of Edinburg. I noticed this a couple of days ago and snapped a pic for all you non-believers.

How does such a thing happen?

I've thought about the rationale for this and whittled it down to an odd, yet heart felt, attempt to stop a drunk driver, because if you know one thing Edinburg has, and all of Hidalgo County for that matter, it's drunk drivers. Like those orange barrels are going to make a difference. Notice the flattened traffic cone...Please!

Residents in that area beware! Your A/C will be shutting down soon and the odds are it will be sometime after midnight on a weekend. And one more word of advice, don't advertise your garage sale or weight loss solution on the poll either. You wouldn't want to be a respondent in the sure to come lawsuit.

I'm sure that the persons responsible will get it moved soon. Hopefully before a school bus slams into it, but it's going to leave on hell of a pothole that will recur for decades to come.